Audi A5 Sportback Model Pictures HD

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Images Audi A5 Sportback HD

This is a sedan that is really practical thanks for its spacious trunk. 2019 Audi A5 Sportback is a good model for people, who want to purchase an automobile that could be called as universal. It would be good solution for those ones, who would never use this car beyond the qualitative road. People, who live in suburbs, will surreally appreciate the car. After all, this model is appropriate as for everyday trips, as for job, as for travelling in the range of civilization. There are enough reasons to call […]

Specs Audi A4 Allroad Review Interior

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New Audi A4 Allroad Wallpaper HD

This is a good solution for different kinds of roads including the ones with really bad quality. Well, is 2019 Audi A4 Allroad the best variant for some hard off-road? Actually, not, but, of course, it will handle some off-road. The model will show good performance, including appropriate capacity for such vehicle. Both of interior and exterior are mode aesthetically acceptable, though it’s hard to call them actually subtle. The car will not become as famous, as some top class’ representatives, but it will be really interesting for many people, […]

First Pictures Audi SQ7 TDI Price

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Review Audi SQ7 HD

There are enough reasons to guess that this middle SUV will be appropriate for people with different preferences. No, 2019 Audi SQ7 TDI is not a piece of art, at least, in aspect of this exterior, but is this actually important for SUV? Many people would probably say that it’s not. However this model looks aesthetically acceptable and refined enough to be interesting for people with a good feeling of style, but without some special preferences about automobile’s exterior generally. There is not much elegance in car’s body. Wheel discs […]

2019 Audi SQ5 TFSI Diesel Redesign

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New 2019 Audi SQ5 Offroad HD

This is a really sporty SUV that will impress the connoisseurs of that class and class of sports automobiles both. Why? It’s a combination of the formidable appearance that is so typical for SUV and sporty performance on the road, and, especially, beyond it. This crossover will become famous, more famous than the most of its competitors, as upcoming, as already existing. 2019 Audi SQ5 TFSI will be really suitable and comfortable vehicle for people, who prefer to buy only one car for all situations in life, and they like […]

New Audi Q3 quadro Review Interior and Release Data

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Specs New 2019 Audi Q3 quadro HD

This SUV will impress not only the connoisseurs of company’s cars. 2019 Audi Q3 quadro is a model that could become really popular among the connoisseurs of different car’s categories thanks for its elegant appearance and impressive performance. Also, the interior here is looks great enough to call it luxurious, that is not necessary characteristic for SUV, but it surely will be appreciated for the majority of those, who like cars. After all, comfortable cabin contributes to comfortable driving during long time. There not actually catchy features in the exterior, […]

BMW X6 M50d Review Exterior and Specs

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New 2020 BMW X6 M50d Diesel HD

This is formidable SUV. Well, actually, most representatives of this class are. So, why 2019 BMW X6 M50d is formidable? It is a consequence of its size and shapes. Of course, its capacity is also impressive, but the main thing that makes the car looks strong is its appearance, and it’s obvious just after the first look. It’s not the top vehicle in its technical characteristics, but it’s near to it. However, this car will not become one of the typical SUVs, and its future will be bright.   There […]

BMW X5 xDrive35i Specs Interior

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2020 BMW X5 xDrive35i Interior HD

This is SUV that will not impress the connoisseurs of something extraordinary. This car has typical appearance for modern representative of the class, since its general proportions till front part. However, 2019 BMW X5 xDrive35i is good enough for vehicle that could become only one automobile for all situations in life. Furthermore, this car could be really suitable as for single people, as for families. Well, there are enough reasons to guess that the model will not be missed among competitors. There are classical proportions for big SUV. One of […]

Offroad in USA BMW X3 xDrive30d

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Diesel or Gasoline New BMW X3 xDrive30d HD

This is luxurious SUV that will be appropriate as a car for business, though it’s more suitable as a universal vehicle. 2019 BMW X3 xDrive30d has many advantages compared with class’ representatives and, of course, first one of them is its catchy appearance. But performance has high level too. Maybe, the interior of this model will not impress because of its style, but it’s enough modern and comfortable. Well, after all, this car has impressive engine, that is surely not the top, but enough powerful for such vehicle. The front […]

Offroad Test Drive BMW X3 M40i

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Interior New 2020 BMW X3 M40i HD

There are enough reasons to say that this model is really luxurious SUV that will impress the connoisseurs of such vehicles, even if they prefer only the best representatives of this class. 2019 BMW X3 M40i is perfect as outside, as inside, and it would be not a mistake to call it really suitable automobile for every day. Yes, this car could be used as universal variant thanks for its technical characteristics, performance on the road and in different off-road and, after all, thanks for its luxurious appearance. The exterior […]